Platform for Interior Designers
for Fabric Selection

PROJECT BACKGROUND: Fabricut allows interior designers to select fabric for interior design projects from 40+brands and eventually wants to bring ease in the process of selecting fabric, showing samples to clients for approvals and buying the product.
THE CHALLENGE: Create a platform that allow interior designers to select fabric from comprehensive catalog of products for interior design projects.
THE SOLUTION: One stop responsive web design that will help interior designer to select fabic from number of brands. Core functionalities of the the website includes: selecting fabric, requesting sample, try fabric on furniture, put a hold on selected fabric and order from brand website. Create clients profile with different folders.
ROLE: UX+UI Designer (Research, Interaction design, Visual design)
CLIENT: Fabricut


I started this project by researching about interior design industry and how fabricut position itself in relation to it's competitors. Through this research, I found out that fabricut doesn’t  really have a direct competitor. Most of the other similar companies carry product of only one brand or max of 10 brand. Fabricut has partnership with more than 40 brands and they are trying to increase their product catalog even more.
Through my research I found out that in order to select a fabric for any interior design projects,

• Interior designers have to check many different website and get subscription from these websites in order to request for samples.

• After getting the samples they have to show it to client for approval.

• In order to visualize that fabric on piece of furniture that have to get in contact with 3d modeller.

• If they don't get approval for that from client then that is waste of money and time and if they get approval and that particular fabric get out of stock then it's another hassle.
With user problems and needs identified, I created a user persona – a benchmark that I use to check that my designs are always on the right track. I chose this archetype and characteristics based on insights from market research.
After research and understanding user needs and goals I started working on information architecture and created sitemap for fabricut. This helped me in visualizing how each page would be connected, and how users could potentially navigate through the website.
Based on secondary research and talks with interior designers about their workflow and processes, I created the flowcharts and did several rounds of sketching the wireframes. This helps me to visualize ideas fast, to make them testable and to iterate on them, before starting with the actual visual design.
Then Mid-fidelity wireframes were created from initial sketches to show more refined look. After multiple discussions and several iterations

Visual Design

I started working on visual design by creating moodboard to show which visual direction I was going, keeping in mind target users and purpose of website. Then I created High Fidelity wireframes to show more refined look and feel of the product