Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry

PROJECT BACKGROUND: The medical industry is a huge market and right now technology has proven that it can play a huge role in solving problems. There is no surprise that many businesses both small and big aim at creating their own product that can help to set connections with potential customers as well as bring new solutions to enhance services.
Harbor implants and cosmetic dentistry is a California based business who is looking for an application that enables his patients to book for a visit in an efficient way rather than on the phone and via email.
ROLE: UX/UI Designer
CLIENT: Harbor implants and cosmetic dentistry

UX & Wireframing

PROCESS: This initial part of the creative process lays the foundation of future functionality before the aspects of visual design and style are approached. Work over wireframes is based on the definition and analysis of the target audience and its potential pains which the future product is going to solve. So, I spent some time in research that was focused on identifying target users, understanding their behaviors, preferences and pain points and also research on this particular industry. The target users for this app were primarily the dentist, assistants and the patients. Competitor analysis helped me in identifying design patterns and features used in this industry.
Based on the research I created user flow to figure out potential paths user would use to book, view, reschedule or cancel appointments for different services they offer.

The app features the main nav bar located at the bottom of the screen and the header features the title of the screen. The app allows users to get knowledge of what kind of services the dentist provides and also allows them to book an appointment by selecting any kind of service and then selecting available time and date for that service. The app also provides them the option to reschedule appointments and send notifications for upcoming appointments.

UI DESIGN: Color palette consists of a white background, blue as the primary color. Logo was already provided by the client.