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Property Development Lifecycle (Journey Map)

Transforming challenges into opportunities, paved the way for innovation and seamless onboarding. It not only streamlines workflows but also amplifies digital tool synergy, unveiling new horizons for efficiency and collaborative excellence.

MY ROLE: UX/UI Designer & Researcher.

Due to the proprietary nature of this project and in adherence to confidentiality agreements, specific visuals and detailed information are not disclosed in this case study. Visuals have been modified or omitted to respect these commitments.

Note on Proprietary Information and Confidentiality

The initiative aimed to comprehensively map the property development lifecycle within the company, from land acquisition to property sale or leased. The focus was on 

  • Understanding the workflows of different stakeholders (leadership, deal team, development team, business unit accounting, capital markets, and marketing)
  • The digital tools they use, and identifying opportunities for digital process enhancements and workflow optimizations.


The initiative was driven by the desire to innovate and enhance the company's approach to managing its property development lifecycle. While existing processes were functional, there was an opportunity to centralize and detail all touchpoints that different personas encounter throughout the lifecycle, along with the various digital tools they utilize. The goal was to create a comprehensive, accessible repository that would not only streamline current operations but also serve as a foundation for future enhancements and strategic planning. This effort aimed to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear, unified view of the process, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.


Workflow Mapping: Developed a detailed user journey map outlining each step of the property development lifecycle, highlighting interactions between different personas and their tool usage.

Digital Tool Assessment: Conducted a comprehensive review of the digital tools in use in every touchpoint, evaluating their effectiveness in supporting the development process and collaboration.

Optimization Recommendations: Proposed targeted updates to digital processes and tools to enhance efficiency, based on insights from the user journey map.

Onboarding Framework: Utilized the user journey map as a high-level guide for onboarding new team members, providing them with a clear overview of the property development process and their role within it.


Workflow Visibility: Gained valuable insights into the entire property development process, revealing critical integration points and opportunities for digital enhancement.

Digital Tool Synergy: Identified potential for greater synergy and integration between digital tools, leading to streamlined processes.

Onboarding Efficiency: Demonstrated the value of the user journey map as an effective onboarding tool, accelerating the integration of new team members into the workflow.